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Stories about Irish Landscape Photography Adventures. Get to know your favourite Irish photographers from behind the lens.

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Mark O’Brien: Episode 11

Togs & Tales Mark O’Brien Mark O’Brien Landscape Photographer My name is Mark O Brien, I’m an amateur Landscape Photographer based in Killarney , Co Kerry and I’ve been attempting to try and photograph landscape both at home and abroad since 2015/2016. Instagram Twitter What was your path to becoming...

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Brid O’Neill: Episode 10

Togs & Tales Brid O’Neill Brid O’Neill Landscape Photographer I am originally from Wexford – The Sunny South East! Born & raised. While I’m still a yellow belly at heart – and always will be – I am now living on the east coast in Laytown, Co Meath since 2003.After...

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Stephen Wallace: Episode 9

Togs & Tales Stephen Wallace Stephen Wallace Landscape Photographer Well I’m 35 years old, married to Julie and father to a 6-year old girl, Erin. I live in Lisburn, just outside Belfast and during the week I’m a chartered accountant working for Belfast City Council managing large infrastructure programmes. My...

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Laura McIlveen: Episode 8

Togs & Tales Laura McIlveen Laura McIlveen Landscape Photographer My name is Laura McIlveen, I’m 26 years old and I’m a professional photographer from the north coast in Northern Ireland. I primarily work within landscape and commercial photography. I first fell in love with photography through shooting landscapes, so it’s...

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TJ Allen: Episode 7

Togs & Tales TJ Allen TJ Allen Landscape Photographer Hi, my name is TJ. I’m 30, and come from a town called Lurgan in Northern Ireland (the good part of Ireland).  I’m Married with two dogs, Archie & Gizmo. My day job is plumbing which can be a very stressful...

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Trish Punch: Episode 6

Togs & Tales Trish Punch Trish Punch Landscape Photographer I grew up in the countryside, not far from Cork city. As a self-confessed nature nerd, I always had a love for the outdoors. I did seriously consider doing a biology course in college but somehow, through invariable twists and turns,...

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Rory O’Donnell: Episode 5

Togs & Tales Rory O’Donnell Rory O’Donnell Landscape Photographer Hi, I’m Rory, an all-round, but mainly landscape photographer from the North West. By day, I’m currently a data analyst working for a US firm in the legal & financial sector. Day to day is spent on Excel spreadsheets, building dashboards...

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Eimhear Collins: Episode 4

Togs & Tales Eimhear Collins Eimhear Collins Landscape Photographer I am a seascape and landscape photographer based in Co. Louth, Ireland. I am passionate about photography and have spent the last 10 years exploring the coastline of Ireland. We live in an incredibly beautiful country. I love the ruggedness of...

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Mark McGuire: Episode 3

Togs & Tales Mark McGuire Mark McGuire Landscape Photographer So the name is Mark McGuire and I’m a Kildare man or more specifically I hail from the sacred land of The Curragh!! I used to do a lot of wedding photography but the commercial and repetitive nature of photography-for-profit made...

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Norman McCloskey: Episode 2

Togs & Tales Norman McCloskey Norman McCloskey Landscape Photographer Originally from Limerick city I excelled at mediocrity and was pretty useless at sport, lazy at school and left with few prospects but somehow managed to find myself studying computer programming for 2 years, graduating first in my class with unconditional...

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Sean O’Riordan: Episode 1

Togs & Tales Sean O’Riordan Sean O’Riordan Landscape Photographer My name is Sean O’ Riordan, I am 26 years old and come from a small village called Ardpatrick in Co Limerick. I am a Woodwork and Graphics teacher in Limerick Educate Together Secondary School. Landscape photography is my first love...

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